Online Dating to Find Your Next Professional and E-harmony rely on questionnaires to to find pairings between members. So why not do use this approach for finding professional services? Cars, homes, restaurants, lawyers, and even medical professionals can benefit from a matching/recommendation system that can pair them with customers and patients that have an affinity to the kind of business or practice they run.

We’ve all had the feeling of going to a doctor who didn’t make us feel comfortable, or a Lawyer who didn’t quite meet our expectations. The existing listings and ratings tools only offer the experiences of strangers to make your choices and by no means are indicative of how well the professional in question will line up with what you personally need.

Professionals have clear and well understood preferences and skills. Clients and patients have clear and well understood requirements and expectations. Using algorithms similar to the E-Harmony approach to find the next professional needed can eliminate the trial and error in finding new doctors, and lawyers on your own and offer more filters than the standard rating systems found in existing professional search systems and rating sites.

The professionals can also expect to have a better experience with their matched customers as the expectations are managed when the interaction begins. A rare opportunity for a win-win situation.