Your Business Model strength comes from 6 Cornerstones

Think of these Cornerstones as 6 bulbs that light up your brand or product. The brighter they are, the easier to attract customers, the stronger your business performance

They comprise the three factors that power your business to succeed – your Value Proposition, Demand generation and Supply Chain

Each Cornerstone becomes brighter only when your customer sees you as different and genuinely better than competition. Customers can tell the differences really well. They share their opinions with others

We have a playbook of your best choices for each Cornerstone – a database

For almost 20 years, we have collected how the best brands in the world brighten each Cornerstone.

This is a treasure chest of proven ways to win. Specific. Precise. Market tested.

We call them Value AcceleratorsTM

We have curated them for multiple industries

What are the best ways to improve the
6 “Cornerstones” of your business model?

We design and deliver differentiation and superior performance for your brand/business/product/service

Our proprietary market tested analysis uses a method of pattern recognition to precisely define the ideal ways to improve your Cornerstones.
These market-proven methods are extracted from highly successful business models.
They address your specific business goals, sharply improve your success, and dramatically reduce risk of failure

Our Database of market-tested ways to win

We use the database to find your Value AcceleratorsTM.  These are assets, strategies and tactics that are proven to grow revenues, margins and competitive differentiation

We deliver proven VALUE ACCELERATORS™ from successful business strategies and models that have strong relevance to your particular business situation

  • business models used by key competitors
  • business models used by top performers outside your category and industry
  • business models used by top performers outside your country

Our recommendations are specific
proven ways to create and capture new value streams

You now have an excellent menu of highly creative + fully proven ways to select from

Each tab below has content

We deliver differentiation and advantage for your PRODUCT or SERVICE by focusing on 4 kinds of VALUE ACCELERATORSTM

  • Innovations in functions & features your consumers care about most – the “Jobs” they want done, and will pay for
  • Six supplier collaboration models to gain fast low cost access to new science, technology & design. This could reduce unproductive R&D investments
  • Specific processes to accelerate design and launch of new products/services
  • Exceptional intellectual property to make it difficult or illogical for key competitors to imitate your innovations

We have deep expertise in this – from 17 years working with demanding  clients, solving difficult problems

Product + Services

We deliver differentiation and advantage for your CONSUMER/BRAND Strategy by focusing on purchase decision stages/moments of truth

  • Your customer goes through 6 to 10 purchase consideration stages, which vary depending on the product, service level and channel
  • For many of your competitors, these critical stages are blind spots and are unmanaged
  • Improving your consumer’s experience in these purchase decision stages/moments of truth provides massive advantage

Success at each decision stage directly drives revenues

  • Winning just 2% more consumers at each of the 8 decision stages, delivers incremental revenue growth of 15%. On the other hand, if your competition wins just 10% of your current customers at each of these stages, you lose 50% of your sales.

analogy delivers a rich menu of specific proven ways to own key decision stages/moments of truth, many of which are in your physical or online channels of distribution

  • Reveal your highest-potential customer/consumer decision stages
  • Define the interplay of emotional and rational dynamics at each decision stage
  • Develop hard-to-resist combinations of the four “demand triggers” at each stage where you suffer the highest “drop outs”
  • Design ways to block competitors’ access to these key “moments”
Brand Equity &
Consumer loyalty

We deliver differentiation and advantage for your INFLUENCER Strategy:

  • Many kinds of Influencers exist and they can grow your revenues and margins. In some industries (Healthcare), brand owners have tremendous expertise in leveraging influencers, while in others (clothing), influencers are hardly leveraged at all
  • a customer’s buying decisions can be influenced by a an expert recommender with compelling credentials
  • an influencer’s actions could range from simple endorsement to active engagement during buying and post-purchase use

analogy delivers a rich menu of specific proven ways to drive demand through influencers by —mining influencer strategies in many industries that are relevant to your brand and business —strategy:

  • Which of several influencers will deliver the best ROI?
  • What roles should your influencers play?
  • Which of several proven models should you use to enroll and partner with your influencers?

You get a menu of highly creative and fully proven ways to become the preferred partner of top INFLUENCERS who drive your customer’s buying decisions

Professional or Other Influencer relationships

We deliver differentiation and advantage for your ECONOMIC MODEL

a sustainable ECONOMIC MODEL must balance incentives for three kinds of stakeholders:

  • your company (through revenue and margin growth)
  • your customers (through superior value from your products and service)
  • other key stakeholders, including suppliers, who are affected by, or can affect your business success

We find your best Economic Model choices in several critical areas of focus. Examples of what we deliver

  • Get privileged access to the key assets, relationships and resources
  • Strategic economies of scale (volume), scope (reduce complexity) and focus (specialization)
  • Lower breakeven points to improve your operating flexibility & margins
  • Develop new assets that transform how you create and capture value
  • Higher sales volumes by increasing share & penetration, or growing the category
  • Generate higher prices than competition for innovations
Revenue & pricing,
Profit model

We deliver differentiation and advantage for your CHANNEL/DISTRIBUTION strategy

There are three basic types of channels:

  • Customer to go to a location (e.g. department store)
  • Product goes to consumer (e.g. door to door sales)
  • Combination – virtual stores and physical delivery (e.g. TV or online sale followed by home delivery)

There are 23 specific different channel models In these 3 Types

Many companies use no more than 1 or 2 kinds of channels, even though certain others could generate a high return on investment

  • Which of the 23 kinds of channels have the best potential for your product/service
  • Models to improve performance in the channels you use currently
Distribution & Shopping

We deliver differentiation and advantage for your MANUFACTURING/SOURCING strategy

We focus on five specific ways top competitors in many categories derive significant competitive advantage from this Cornerstone

  • Manufacture at lower unit costs at both small and large volumes
  • Produce greater variety without sharply increasing cost
  • Include high personalization/customization at low incremental cost
  • influence design for manufacturability early in the design cycle
  • incorporate feedback from supply chain partners & key influencers

We also can leverage long-standing, trusted manufacturing and sourcing relationships in the Far East and South East Asia

Manufacturing &

Design Thinking

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