New Services

One-hour consult for executive planning a business model design (for an innovation) or review (for an existing brand) – $250

Expert advice for an individual or team – maximizes the value you get from a business model discussion/meeting/workshop.

Analogy provide the methodology and tools to help you frame the challenge, and define a course of action. We will provide the forms and scorecards you need to have an exhilarating and productive session.

In-house workshop to turbo charge a Business Model design team – $3,500 plus expenses

This intensive workshop accelerates your new business model design process.

We start with an analysis comparing your business model with competitor’s business models. Next, we identify aspects of your business model that require renovation. We complete the work with an analysis of Value AcceleratorsTM (proven strategies, assets and tactics) to best achieve your objectives

Executive Briefing on the power and potential of Business Model Design to create and capture value in your company/brand/product/service – $5,000

Executive ask  – Why should I consider a business model design, Why now? Who in my organization should lead this work?

Making such decisions requires deep understanding about the expected results and implications for your organization. Senior managers finds these briefings incredibly valuable. They provide specific insights about what to expect from a business model re/design. These insights help you ask the right questions and provide guidance for the right decisions to set up or refine a business model design project

Unlocking the potential of digital technology and social media in your current business model  – $2,500

How much new value can reliably be unlocked in your current business model by digital technology and social media? How do you minimize expensive and embarrassing trial and error?

Best in class “digital” companies use combinations of 11 distinctive strategies to win. Define the potential to use them to create and capture new value for your brand/new product or service?

analogy offers full Business Model review and design services tailored to your particular needs

analogy most frequently is called in to conduct a business model design for new or existing products and brands.  This full analysis includes:

  • competitor business model analysis
  • Product/service business model analysis
  • Developing value acceleratorsTM to turbo charge your business
  • Recommendations taking you beyond current needs
  • Strategic advantages and risk profile for each new idea proposed

Typically takes 6 weeks and is highly tailored to your particular needs

Business Model consulting for ongoing support of internal teams – Retainer

analogy is often called upon to support and guide internal business model design teams.  This service is the most efficient and cost-effective way to design or redesign a business model.

Your team has access to analogy’s experts on an ongoing basis. This ensures rapid progress. This is especially helpful when there is an urgent need to have a new business model re/design.

Includes several of the other services described in this page