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analogy partners combines highly experienced professionals with a proven proprietary methodology for rapidly creating actionable plans for:

  • sustaining growth in commoditized markets
  • overcoming global barriers
  • excelling in over-served markets
  • penetrating protected markets
  • competing against low-cost competitors
  • transitioning to digital/internet advantage
  • protecting your business when being ‘hunted’
  • adapting new economic models to trounce competition

we have already assisted companies in each of the above situations, moving them from facing an insurmountable hurdle to embarking on an actionable plan of attack for (see client section for further details):

  • sustaining growth in commoditized markets
  • overcoming global barriers
  • rejuvenating existing businesses, repositioning them for sustained growth
  • positioning start-ups to fluidly penetrate markets, saving significant cost
    prioritizing plans with multiple interwoven ideas that provide sequenced and sustained growth, making each of your next steps profitable but practical
  • creating intellectual property for businesses needing defensive strength, putting an additional hurdle ahead of any followers

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