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Business Models that Leverage Free

  After reading Chris Anderson’s Book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, we’ve put together a short presentation on the various ways that Free can be utilized in business models along with examples that have been analyzed. Business Models on Free  

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New Work on OTT (Over-The-Top) Business Models By Sean Singarayar- Lead Consultant, Digital Technology OTT has been progressively expanding it's reach into the world of traditional telecom. Here's a quick look at how the increasingly common cable and telephone alternatives are operating-  
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Care and Feeding of your business model – Tony Singarayar

A company must grow to succeed. Its ability to do this is based on the strength of its Business Model. The BM’s “strength” is based on how well it fits certain industry/category conditions and how it compares with competitor BMs. Like an engine, piano or plant, a Business Model must be re-tuned/fed in response to […]

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Razor/Blade business model design choices

Apple makes more money on the handle. HP makes more on blades (they even LOSE money on the “handle” – the printer). P&G’s Swiffer seems to make some money on both the handle and the blades. Gillette has TWO blades…the blade, and the battery….the list goes on   There are over twenty variations of the […]

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5 tests – Do you have competitive advantage?

I love talking to smart people. If I am willing to listen, they teach me so mucheven in subjects I think I know. I shared a taxi to the airport with the amazing C. K. Prahalad many years ago. He taught me a terrific way to quickly and simply tell whether an innovation, a product, […]

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How to get your CEO to fund your new project

Years ago, my job required pitching new ideas to the Board to win Research, Development, or Commercialization funding. For months, despite in-depth analysis by expensive big brand consultants, several recommendations for funding were rejected. Dejected, I asked for advice from a senior executive. Here’s what I learned… There are 3 questions a CEO needs answered […]

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